Building Stronger Communities


The BAED Fund (Black African Economic Development Fund) offers the black community an opportunity for self-advancement,

allowing us to change our economic condition.  Using the collective power of our pounds to support the creation of black

businesses and organisations, enabling us to employ our young people and generate wealth within our communities.


Self-sufficiency and economic security is the only way to success and it is time to bring our future into focus, with your support

the BAED Fund will build a future proof legacy for our children, grandchildren, great grandchildren and generations to come. 


To show your support, please choose one of the tabs to

make your donation.


As we are promoting unity, we would love you to purchase

an item from our store, to help spread the word and get

the message out to the masses.


NB. All funds generated goes directly into the pot.

Weekly Contribution

We want to build a united community, become part

of the movement today, help spread the word and

show  your support by purchasing our official 

branded clothing.



Feel free to get creative by designing your own top,

if you like your design, why not purchase it and have

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If you work your budgets out weekly, then please

feel  free to donate and support the cause by

contributing to the BAED Fund on a weekly basis.



For as little as the price of one meal from a well

known fast food restaurant, you could help change

our peoples future, please support the cause and

sign up to become a monthly doner.



All support is appreciated, so if you would like to

support the cause but are not in a position to

donate on a regular basis, please do not hesitate

to make a one off donation whenever possible. 



If you are a person who prefers to handle cash

rather than digital finance, then please feel free to

make a donation of your choice directly to the

BAED Fund bank account. Contact us now for

details! CLICK HERE