"Sticks In A Bundle Are Unbreakable"


The BAED FUND is an organisation set up to provide economic sustainability & Self-sufficiency for the Black African community.



The BAED FUND came into existence in 2013 to help the black African community create businesses and partnerships in the

United Kingdom, in Africa and around the world.



To Provide:-

Business development






Plus more…



The fund is a vehicle to help the Black African Community to Economic Independence for present and future generations.

Donations will help create a pot of money which will be accessible by the black african community to develop/create businesses

which will directly benefit and enhance our economic standing in society.



The funds will be accessible in many ways by you the black African community, one of which will be an application process.

Whether it's funding for a new or established business/project, as long as it clearly demonstrates how it will enhance and benefit

the black community, you could be eligible to apply to the fund; the full application criteria will be announced ahead of the 

opening of the application process.



The BAED FUND operates through the accumulation of funds from donations and investments to satisfy the needs & wants

relevant to the Black African community. Creating future wealth by collaborating with other funds with similar objectives.